Friday, May 2, 2008

Reclamation board for Arunthathiyars sought

No need for compartmental reservation for Dalits: PT
10 lakh vacancies set aside for SC/ST communities had not been filled up
These communities did not form even one per cent of the Class I to Class III employees
MADURAI: A reclamation board on the lines of the one for Denotified Tribes was needed for rehabilitation and liberation of Arunthathiyar castes, who lived as manual scavengers, gravediggers and cobblers, instead of having a compartmental reservation for them, said Puthiya Tamizhagam founder K. Krishnasamy.
Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, Dr. Krishnasamy called for proper implementation of the constitutionally provided existing quota of 18 per cent in the State and 22.5 per cent in Central Government for Scheduled Castes, as nearly 10 lakh vacancies set aside for (SC/ST) communities had not been filled up by the Central and State governments.
Stating that members of SC/ST communities did not form even one per cent of the Class I to Class III employees, he said that, on the other hand, at Class IV level, which included conservancy work as sweepers and scavengers, reservation was total and complete.
He also claimed that not even 6 per cent of the reserved quota was filled and only if 18 per cent was fully implemented by filling up vacancies every caste group among the SC/STs would benefit. This being the position there was no need for the State Government to go for compartmental reservation, which was a ploy to prevent the assertion of Dalits under a single banner when there was an utmost need to be united to face atrocities and crimes against untouchability.
Commenting that National Commission for Scheduled Castes was against compartmental reservation, he wanted the State Government to properly help the ‘safai karamcharis’ of the State.

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