Sunday, December 23, 2012

"What is an Independent India, still i dont have a clue.."

What is an Indipendent India, still i dont have a clue... Caste and Gender: If somebody would ask what are the serious protest was held on Gender, it would be Pub attack, Pink Chaddi Campign, Delhi student Rape etc. These all would only tell us that majority of the responses on issues were basically based in the city. Still it does not mean that all issues of Gender related to cities are addressed. For an example listen to the voice, about how even elite women respond to harassment in university sphere. In the other hand sanitation women cleaning the road at middle of the night, has so much to tell, but no one is ready to hear her. Or even dalit girls in the universities campuses have so much to tell about how general women dominate them and also men, including dalit men. Yes I am also a dalit men and part of that system. ....I dont have a clue of Independent India If someone says that the problems faced by the elite women are at least addressed, its only dalit and marginalized sections problems are there to be addressed. Not all problems faced by elite women are addressed, and certainly our dalit women, are not even 1% addressed. Take a few minutes to watch about how dalit women is treated. Jogini system in AP. Or even the soni sori. This is what Ms. Asha Kowtal says that One point which differentiate Dalit women from other women? Is the caste system. In other words Ms. Sujatha Surapelly says that Dalit rape is consequences of caste and patriarchy, and on Haryana Rape the political parties openly said its’ consensual and not rape. It was not new in the past too that in a court proceedings in Andhra Pradesh High court one of the judges said its impossible to believe that a single man can rape a woman(tribal) because you as a tribal are well built and you could have stopped the rape but you did not hence its consensual. In other words when I see the present protest in Delhi rape, I am recalled by what Ms. Gogu Shyamala told me earlier that India represents only Brahmins and upper caste men/women, I quote “even if the middle class, upper caste, Brahmin women goes abroad but still she will have the mentality of her men, with caste, therefore she is comfortable with everything… in Karamchedu its Upper caste women who also killed madiga, and dalit women rape is only law and order problem to them”. Therefore keeping every past experiences I only like sumarise the argument as Ms. Anu Ramadass wrote No, we are not going to say why no outrage for the rape and murder of the 8 year old dalit girl in Bihar, and why no outcry for the series of horrifying gang rapes on dalit women by upper caste men in Haryana. Dalit and adivasi girls and women are raped, gang raped, mutilated and murdered all over the country by upper caste men, dominant caste men, men in uniform, and some of them, like women in all communities across castes and classes are raped by their own husbands and other relatives. Rape is not used just as an instrument of violence; it is used to perpetually define both the gender and caste vulnerability of dalit and adivasi women. You see, our battle appears to be different one. In other words you are common/general people, which according to the state you all are upper caste. Still I support your protest not that because I believe in your utopian world that upper caste women will now have laws to support her. Yes it may for few upper caste women who are politically powerful, because I say this in the experience from the law SC/ST ACT, where its not even implemented. And everyone is asking a metal change in the men’s thought, which has to be in all levels. This one point I stand with you, because dalits have been saying the change of mental of a person on caste can only eradicate the discrimination. And you have been saying laws are there to empower dalit, therefore paid very little attention to think on changing the mental of a person. Now you are realizing it. But should I take it serious that you are going to bring a change in the way men think on women, I am dam sure, you will not, because you castism, hypocrcy, Hindu religious sanctioned discrimination will get hurt if you bring that change, which cannot avoid the debate on Caste, and the contribution of Hindu religion in suppressing the women is the most which you would be very least to touch upon. None of you are going to address it in near future, it is only angering me day by day that all of your activities are making me separate and reminding me that the “India” is not for the marginalized.

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