Friday, January 13, 2012

Annan Pasupathi Pandiayan’s aide was bruttaly murdered

Murugan (32) an auto driver and a staunch supporter of Pasupathi Pandian was

murdered early in the morning of 13th January 2012. There were several marks of cut found on his body, and his head was chopped off. His auto stand was near Nagal Theater. Yesterday night he went to the auto stand and did not return home. Today morning they found his body near a railway gate which is 4 KM far away from Dindugal, Balakrishanapuram.
The police received information at 2 in the morning and the body was taken for postmortem.
The police say at 12.30 P.M two youngsters went to the stand and rented Murugan’s auto. When the auto reached balakrishnapuram, thepeople involved, who were hiding knives, started attacking him. Being shocked, Murugan got out of the auto and ran carrying bruises in his body. The two chased murugan and chopped his head off. There are 20 cuts and stabs found on murugan’s body. Murugan was a staunch supporter of Pasupathi Pandian. For the funeral of Pasupathi Pandian, Murugan went in his auto from Dindugal to Thoothugudi travelling 204 kilometers.
When Pasupathi Pandian was murdered, his body was taken to the hospital at 9.00 p.m. At that time, including Murugan, many people were protesting to arrest those who murdered Pasupathi Pandian. During that protest, infuriated Murugan said ‘we will avenge for Pasupathi Pandian’s killing. This served as the background for his murder. Police are investigating in to the crime.

some more information from the ground:
Murugan belongs to washerman community, since his childhood he has been with annan Pasupathi Pandian, he is closest aide to Annan Pasupathi Pandian.

Annan Pasupathi Pandian's wife was murdered and the case is coming to trial very soon, and annan Pasupathi Pandian is the first eyewitness in that case. It is the fact that Pannaiyar group could have been put behind the bars for the murder of his wife. After Annan's murder, i suppose the killers of both Annan and his wife will be going to be acquitted.

The government had provided security for Annan Pasupathi Pandian, but during the AIADMK regime the state government withdrew the security. And also during the AIADMK rule, there were several raids in his house, which also forced Annan Pasupathi Pandian to avoid his personal security.


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