Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Telengana Garjana: What the Political party TRS,TDP, INC,BJP wanted?

Recently i happened to attend a talk delivered by Mr. Sudharshan, who is pursuing PhD at osmania University. He was closely associated with Telengana Osmania University JAC. Also he often writes in Telugu daliy, on Dalit Telengana, Beef eating. In some occasion he was also invited to for live debate in regional channels.

In this video he speaks about the Students Telengana movement: Few points i give below from the video.

The difference between the Telengana movement earlier and now. Earlier movement many people died by police firing in recent telengana movement many students immolated themselves.

KCR did not have a new paper and a TV channel before the Students movement.

Jagan Mohan Reddy, had 150 MLA's in support of him, after the movement he has only 14 MLA's.

You have a statue for an immagination figure like "Telengana Tali" (Telengana mothergoddess) but you dont have a statue for a tribal leader "Koomaram Bheem" or a bhaujan figure "Chaakali Ilamma".

People broke statue in Tankband, but still there are statues across the Telengana region. And also there was only one statue of a Dalit poet, his statue was broken.

Telengana movement says we are against Andhra. Which Andhra they are against, are they against OBC,SC,ST,Minorities. Because these people do not have any say in power politics. Therefore Telengana leaders should say they are against Reddy's, Naidus etc.

KCR from an Upper Caste community doesnt want a telengana, but Dalits, OBC, ST, Minorities need Telengana.But the sad part is the Students movement at one point was threatening the power structure, but all the political party including congress, TRS, TDP, etc supressed the students movement, and made sure the Telengana movement under KCR's control.

Therefore at present if KCR says protest, they would protest.These are few point, please do watch the video and do send it to people. The audio is in Telugu.Every person has to watch.Last one point, when KCR broke the fast the Osmania Students wrote Pluckcards saying: juice kaagthuraa ma ratham thaagura, juice kaathura ma uithcha thaagura.

(Dont drink Juice drink our blood, Dont drink juice drink our Urine)

If the video doesnot work click this link

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