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I am astounded to see news channels advocating V.K.Singh indirectly asking him not to go to court in relation to the Age row of his because it would give a strong bad signal to everyone. NDTV, TimesNow, CnnIBnlive, all these months the media were discussing the issue. However, earlier( TIMESNOW: Is this a well orchestrated move to get rid of the man who placed tough and transparent measure to clean up the system:) the media talked good about the Army Chief V.K.Singh. Recently, since the Ministry of Defense rejected V.K.Singh's claim of his date of birth to be in the year of 1951 was rejected, the media started jumping on to Singh in the name of defaming the army, which is to say that the army chief should accept the Defense Ministrie's claim. This was broadcasted by the media in their own way. The present discussion in the media starts with whether the age controversy is affecting the morale of the army Indian Army :
(This was a way long video, the present video say the same as other channels say:
NDTV: What does this do about the image of the army?(Ndtv’s title may not go with the discussion as it does,that is the crux of NDTV 24/7)Therefore we should recall that the News Media once told good things about him with the same issue but now they are talking only about the honor of the Indian Army, and also they don't talk about his credential as they spoke once. The News Media at present wanted to talk about dignity, fame and honor of Indian Army, because the News Media doesn't have the courage to talk against the Government. It is an unnecessary news being broad casted every now and then with a negative intention, just to morally pressurize the Army Chief V.K.Singh to accept the decision. Every news channel had a Retired Army person in their panel, who were trying to convey that there has been a biased approach by the Defense Ministry towards the Army, and also the Ministry is victimizing the Chief for his act in pinning the Army in the land scam issue.
My Stand:
I strongly do not feel that the issue of the Age row of an Army chief is defaming the army. (off the record the Indian Army don't have such fame in the first stance either in India or abroad, It is only the Mainstream media glorifies the Army. what these Army do in the case of North- east, Kashmir etc, is only the people who live there knows it). However, we too cannot reject some of the remarkable move made by few of the Army chiefs lately, where the army rejected the ministry's command check the video , also check the scam on the army people

Why is the media advocating not to go for the court?
Media which once spoke about the Army Chief's credential is not speaking about the same now?
what are his credentials?
I browsed and got some information; those follow:
Singh the then Eastern Army Commander ensured strict action was taken against Avadesh Prakash, the main accused in the land scam and a man who was the head of the Military Secretary branch holding the age records.
His credentials:
On 11 March 2011, Singh was inducted into the United States Army War College (Class of 2001 graduate) International Fellows Hall of Fame. He is the 33rd International Fellow and the first Indian Armed Forces officer to be inducted.
Param Vishisht Seva Medal , Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal, Param Vishisht Seva Medal
Ati Vishisht Seva Medal, Yudh Seva Medal for his distinguished service during Operation Pawan, Ranger Tab

V.K.Singh has a birth certificate as on 1951. His school certificate says 1951. school entry certificate, provisional certificate, Police medical certificate, passport, identity card, all carries 1951. While he joined the UPSC he gave 1950 at that time, he was unaware of such and at that time he did not have the matriculation certificate.
In army everyone who joins the force will have a list called Army list in the headquarters, which is in the South block. First two years no one would be allowed to even near the headquarters. After few years Army chief reported the difference of Age in the application he filled in, which he reported after 6 years 1971. The in charge said he would take care but as any other government service they let it to elapse for years. Singh saw army list after 12 years. He joined the army on 1965.
2006 was the first time the age row erupted in public, once again it was told to him that the issue would be resolved,
Ministry secretary branch informed the defense ministry about the same. Actually the Defense Ministry do not have any role in this issue, but still they were informed, which is to say that there is more in this issue and not Age alone for the Army Chief. The controversy that started five years ago peaked during the Sukhna land investigations. Singh the then Eastern Army Commander ensured strict action was taken against Avadesh Prakash, the main accused in the land scam and a man who was the head of the Military Secretary branch holding the age records.
For most of our surprise V.k.singh says all of his promotion certificate carries the 1951 as the date of birth, which was also endorsed by the Prime Minister.
Therefore let us say one thing that the Age controversy has many things to reveal, and surely not as like the News Media talks as a honor of the Indian Army. Whatsoever, even if we stick to the media's view then we should ask one simple question to the media.
Bradley Manning a US solider leaked the video of US military shooting the unarmed civilians in Iraq, which was released by the Whistle bowler Julian Assange, Check the link:
What is the response of the Indian Media towards the act of Bradley Manning, did he defame the US army, or he did a great job in exposing the true face of US military in Iraq? In case the Indian News Media says that Bradly Manning's act is wrong. Then why the hell they all praised and sang for Julian Assange's work, and praised the whistle blowers in India. And we should not forget that the work of Whistle bowler is also the same as what Manning did.
Now another question, at this instance we all should ask, whether the Indian News Media was falsely praising the Indian Army in Kashmir, North East etc. Did the Indian New Media think that exposing the Indian Army in those above area would certainly defame the Indian Army.

then what will the media in the United state do. I would seriously suspect their sincerity. Also this shows that the news media in India will never let anything bad come out to the public. Rather they would show them as heroes.

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