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The Hindutuva Brahim Press and the slain Kasab, Is he victim of Hindutuva forces.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the LTTE in Tamil Nadu, as a result the Tamils were butchered in Sri Lanka. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was shot by a Sikh, as a result the Congress massacred thousands of Sikhs. Mahatma Gandhi was shot by a person belonging to RSS but one Brahmin was sentenced to death. And still RSS is not banned in our country, because basically there is no much difference between Right wing politics(BJP,VHP,RSS) and Left wing politics (Congress, CPI etc) in India.
When Ayodhya demolition of Babri Masjid happened in 1992 the centre was ruled by Congress. And the perpetrators are still free. When the Kandhamal carnage happened in Orissa the state was ruled by BJP and the center was ruled by Congress. And the perpetrators are yet to be nailed. In 2006 at the time of Malegaon blast, Maharashtra was ruled by Congress the center was too ruled by Congress.Likewise, Congress was ruling both the state and the centre when the blasts occurred in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradsesh. So was the case in 2007, when the Ajmer blasts happened in 2007 in Rajasthan.

After Mecca Masjid blast thousands of Muslims were sent to jail. Recently there was a clash in Charminar, and the media blamed it on Muslim terrorists and the BJP too said the same. As a result too many Muslim and some Hindus were arrested by the police. The police forcefully took many young Muslims to custody for enquiry though they did not have any evidence for Muslims involvement. The Muslim organization, MIM based in Hyderabad who supports the Congress in the state and the Centre were not allowed to enter the area to verify the facts, rather they too were arrested. At the same time Right wing people were allowed to enter and walk freely in Muslim areas.
Narendar Modi is still being blamed for Gujarat riot but still in power.Advani is a suspect in Ayodya but still his party BJP is not banned or is he arrested.For killing Sikhs, Congress party is not banned.Any blast in India the first person the media and the politicians say is “Muslim”.

For 26/11 Ajmal Kasab is termed as a terrorist. And the two other persons were pronounced not guilty of the charges. The court said the police have framed the case.
The question we all have to raise is did Kasab get a fair trial and whether the case is closed. Who killed the defence lawyers?

While raising the above question we should have keep in mind the following:

Three lawyers representing Kasab and others resigned because of threats from police and the right wing. Another lawyer was murdered. I think without any local support the terror attack could not have taken place. The case should be reinvestigated.
There were lot of gaps in the case. Like, how can anyone escape the Indian costal guards and drop in Mumbai Sea?

Why wasn’t the Ram Pradhan Committee report tabled in legislature; even if it was, its findings cannot be entirely relied upon since it refused to meet persons such as Vinita Kamte, wife of Additional CP Ashok Kamte. Having gone to great lengths to unearth the circumstances surrounding her husband's killing outside Cama Hospital, she wanted to raise her doubts with the Committee. The Committee has praised the handling of the crisis by Joint CP Rakesh Maria in the Control Room. Vinita Kamte's findings have left Maria red- faced.

What was our Intelligence Bureau and the RAW doing? The case can reveal many thing if it is properly investigated and given a fair trial.

The court said that who killed Karkare is not clear in the case. If we all remember, when Karkare was killed there were a lot of allegations on Right wing involvement in killing him. In such a circumstances how can we expect a fair trial for Kasab in Mumbai? What I mean is Kasab may not have had a good lawyer for defense; when three people resigned how can anyone come out openly and defend him? Our news media is a menance to us. Our news media deemed the accused guilty even before the trail started.

Every one of us know that Gujarat and Maharashtra are states where right wing can openly give threat even to Rahul Gandhi that he should not come to Mumbai and say anyone can live in Mumbai. In such a state can we expect a fair trial.

Some of the following readings are important to understand the case proceedings.

Former IPS officer wants independent probe into Karkare's death
Despite the Mumbai police declaring that two Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists including Ajmal Kasab killed Anti-Terrorist Squad chief Hemant Karkare during the November 26, 2008 attacks, a former Indian Police Service officer wants the ATS chief's murder to be re-investigated.
Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif -- Karkare's senior in the state police -- has just published Who Killed Karkare-The Real Face of Terrorism in India. He discussed his controversial book with's Vicky Nanjappa.

Sacking Kasab lawyer is wrong
…THE accused has to be almost lifted by policemen to enter the court; the senior defence lawyer is sacked and an obviously unfit junior appointed in his place. A year after Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/ 11 attack on Mumbai, was arrested, his trial has gone horribly wrong. No longer can we claim proudly that we gave even a terrorist whom the world saw committing his awful crime, a fair trial……

A murder riddled with holes
the irony is that slain lawyer Shahid Azmi came to fame exposing police lapses, says Rana Ayyub
…police seem to have forgotten that most basic, mandatory practice. The key witness to Azmi’s murder — his peon Inder, who saw three assailants fire at the lawyer — was not even called for identification after police arrested the accused. In a news conference four days after the murder, police produced three men who they said were Azmi’s killers and said they planned to invoke the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (mcoca) against them. But the manner in which police have handled the case and the glaring loopholes in investigation have raised a number of questions, with Azmi’s family, human rights organisations and fellow lawyers calling for a judicial or cbi probe….

Terror suspect is free, thanks to Shahid Azmi
…..The court acquitted him saying the prosecution’s evidence to prove he was part of the conspiracy is “unreliable”. He was arrested for allegedly carrying out an attack on a CRPF camp in Rampur…….

A Grain In My Empty Bowl
A crusader for justice is silenced. Actually not, says AJIT SAHI
……We need to directly ask just who benefits from Azmi’s killing. The answer is a Who’s Who of Indian security: the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, RAW and the Intelligence Bureau, whose grand constructs on terrorism Azmi demolished each time he won a case. Maharashtra Police despised Azmi, for he represented, mostly successfully, many accused in a string of blast cases. Azmi had been preparing for the defence of dozens arrested since 2008 as members of Indian Mujahideen, which has been linked with last Saturday’s blast in Pune that killed 10 people. Azmi was also actively involved in organising legal defence for many arrested in Gujarat on charges of masterminding and carrying out terror attacks.
Last July, Azmi made enemies at Mumbai’s Central Prison winning a historic ruling from the Bombay High Court against jail warders who had assaulted several terror accused. “I grew up seeing the police barge in night and day in our slum, terrorising and kidnapping people,” Azmi told me on December 11 as we sat chatting after office hours, he on his chair, where he was shot dead exactly two months later. “It bred in me a hatred — nafrat — for the police……..

….However, the crime branch was unable to gather or produce original enrolment documents. No attendance sheet was submitted in the court to prove that Ansari ever attended classes at the computer institute. Even the evidence of the estate agent and the alleged landlord of Ansari did not stand in the court as no original document was produced.
The police claimed that Ansari travelled to Kathmandu in February 2007 to hand over the maps to co-accused Ahmed, who in turn gave it to the LeT conspirators. A witness, Nooruddin Shaikh, claims he saw the map changing hands…..

Fahim Ansari acquittal exposes shoddy probe

Lo, I’m here to take up my brother Shahid Azmi’s cause
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Media has soft approach towards Hindutva terrorism: CPI (M) Kerala state secretary
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