Thursday, November 11, 2010


Most of the students across the Indian University fall prey to the mainstream students political parties. It is due to their engagement with the society. Hence this ‘powerful’ platform is a romantic idea for these students. Because they think the society can be changed with these so-called powerful platform. They should realize that these platforms are smoke screen.
There could be several reasons to justify for joining the mainstream students parties, however the nature of parties are always discriminative in natures. The mainstream students parties such are ABVP, SFI, BSF, AISU etc. These parties are either directly or indirectly supportive to the mainstream Hindutuva forces. Though BSF could be considered a different movement, still the autonomous student movements are far better than any mainstream movements. The autonomous movements are those who frame on their own independent ideology, such movements largely on identity politics. These autonomous movements are the representative of the crucial problems the society faces. And their survival is of resistant or the identity politics. The mainstream survives though not with their ideology in a larger scale but because of their respective political parties backing up and constant engagement.
In over all I could say that the mainstream students movements are of a different kind of an institutions functioning towards the state’s view over the society or the so –called “mainstream” parities. The serious problem with these parties are either not discussing issues or neglecting the societies crucial problems, which can be broadly put into Caste and ‘Minority’ issues.
These vacant places are filled by the identity politics which are based on Caste and ‘Minority’ category.
The problem of the autonomous body is that they do not have a financial assistans or the constructive political ideology, which I mean the self – reflexive ness. For an example these movements are largely focusing on issues and sometime intellectual ideals. These movements are the reflection of the identity politics in the society. Fighting for their own goals and means. But in academical field these different students movements should have a respect and representation over all these problems.
It is time for these identity movements to self-reflect on their own movements and to reflect over the same.
In the past history the country has see many identity movements cropping up. Such as Sub-Caste movements, sexual ‘minority’, religious ‘minority’, these issues are also given a minority status by these identity movements by treating them as a mere numerical. It is time for the student’s movement, which is the back bone of the Indian political structure, should rethink and make an alliance with the other identity movements with a spirit not with the political gains.
It is also understood that every organization cannot take up all identity issues, but they can atleast extend their support morally.
These autonomous movements do not depend upon the mainstream parties and their fight is also a resistance towards the mainstream. Prolonging the resistance towards the mainstream parties is one of the difficult task, these movement can prolong their resistance because of their spirit.
There must be a consensus/platform for these identity politics . There must be a platform for these organizations to stand on with consensus and spirit.

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