Saturday, April 24, 2010

What is between Tharoor and NDTV?

For a long time I have been watching NDTV 24/7, though I did not like the stand it often takes on various issues, either in Naxal’s issue, Women’s Reservation, or dealing with Ms. Mayawathi, (to give a few examples), I did not have an option to shift to any other channel. Therefore I had to continue with the same channel and I concentrated on debates such as “The Buck Stops Here”, “The Big Fight” etc. Basically the channel is against anything/anyone who belongs/fights for the subalterns (dalits, Tribes, Muslims, Backward Castes). As it is the normal behavior of any so-called “Mainstream” media I did not bother to write about it. If I have to write on it then my whole life would be spent on this. But I found an interesting thread that this NDTV promotes or supports. To understand this, the recent IPL fiasco should be followed.
Last week Mr. Shashi Tharoor was on news. Usually he comes on Twitter etc., but now on a daily basis he was on television for allegation. He gave an exclusive interview to Barka Dutt in NDTV. The channel gave too much importance to Mr. Tharoor, since the IPL allegation. Barka even called him as PLU -“People like Us”, (I think Barka meant people like her rather than general public). Barkha Dutt even explained what she meant by this –“well-read, articulate and graduate from elite institutions.” The channel cannot be any clearer on its social affiliation. In the same breath, she also asks that why is that Tharoor can’t stay in politics while politicians can get away doing worse things. And the politicians they mentionmed included Lalu Prasad and Mayawati.

But since that does not absolve us of further clarifying who is this “people like us”, let us have a look at Tharoor and Barkha Dutt.

Tharoor belongs to a traditionally landlord caste from Palakkad. He was born in London studied there and did his B.A in history from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. He represents the constituency Thiruvanathapuram, which is highly populated by well educated and settler population.
With the about gist of his biography, can we ever think he belongs to the common person!
Then what did it mean when Barka dutt said in NDTV that he is “people like us”. To understand this we should also know something about NDTV and the common factor that brings Mr. Shashi Tharoor with them.
Basically Tharoor, Barka Dutt (group editor NDTV) and Vikramaditya Chandra( Senior Editor of NDTV and CEO of NDTV networks) are people have studied in St. Stephens College, New Delhi. This is the connection they have, all three of them closely related since Tharoor became an important person. Therefore when Barka Dutt says it is “people like us”, it really means “people of St. Stephen’s College”.

Ok,let the NDTV function like an alumni association of St. Stephen’s College; but why haven’t they given the same coverage for Telengana issue, Naxalite issue, Sri Lankan issue, Women’s Reservation and everytime showing Ms. Mayawati as the Demon of Indian Democracy.

At last they not only have soft corners for St. Stephen’s college but anyone who is against the above mentioned issues. Therefore they give a good coverage for Mr. Rahul Gandhi too.

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