Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Question: Who got independence on 1947?

Recently I had been to the Central Jail to visit one of my friends. The Jail structure and the way police were guarding it arose lot many questions in me. As a result I could get a sense of how Britishers treated “natives” once, for that matter anyone who was ruling. We read lesson after lesson of our “Great” freedom struggle, and the struggle we had for getting independence. But when I saw the jail it told me one thing that yes it was true but there were some grammatical error which is forced on us to believe the independence 1947 struggle. Because, recently Telangana Mass movement is struggling to get a separate state, and the same is the case with Gorkhaland. In Maharashtra Vidharba regional struggle. And there are many more: Nandhigram struggle (Bengal), Naxalite struggle (from Andhra northwards covering the whole east corridor of India), peasant struggle, Caste struggle, and struggle against price rise. Even there are struggles where people are struggling for months together in New Delhi which are not reported. These struggle are not against non-natives, then who is it against? It means everyone of us want to get freed from various clutches, i.e. region, class, caste, BJP, Congress, CPI etc. Every day in news paper a particular Class or socially backward community is struggling for some or the other issue against other Indians.

How many police station, security guards we have in India, and these are not created for non-Indians, it is only to stop or control Indians, from what?
Because it is not we who got independence, it is they who got independence. It is left to the readers to see who “we” is and who is “they”. Therefore let us start this new century’s freedom struggle so that we can also have some more decades and enjoy and the next centuries some other can fight for another freedom struggle.
Who got independence in 1947?
These above struggles we all know very well and still why do we say “We got independence in 1947”. The simple answer is left to each one of us....

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