Monday, December 3, 2012

Arunthathiyars murdered by Gownders

Murugesan (Arunthathiyar Dalit) murdered by Gounders in Covai-Injustice&Atrocities in Tamilnadu 1999 by Mari Muthu on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 3:19pm • Segudanthali Murugesan was a poor laborer who was killed brutally and unjustly by the upper caste called "Goundars" just because he and his "pregnant" wife sat near the seat where a "gounden" was seated in a public bus. This was regarded a disgrace and an excess by the gounden as an outcaste sat near him. On the same night the enraged "Gounden" went to the house of Murugesan with a mob and looted the house and tortured the family members by verbally and physically abusing them. Even his pregnant wife was not spared the atrocity. Like any other atrocities on out caste people, police were delinquent to take any action. Following the incident ATP took the issue and about 300 ATP members along with other Arunthathiyar organizations conducted a demonstration and were arrested demanding action against the culprits. Following the agitation a police case was registered and it was proceeding in favor of the affected Murugesan. Segudan Thali Murugesan Veera Vaanakam The Gounders threatened him to withdraw the case. But Murugesan was undeterred and said to them that it was a matter of the dignity of his people and his untouchable society and refused to withdraw the case. Finally he was brutally beaten and killed on 17th November, 1999 in Coimbatore district Tamil Nadu. Following the killing ATP took action which resulted in life imprisonment for two of the accused. Unfortunately the accused appealed in the high court and were released. Thus Segudanthali Murugesan sacrificed his life in the fight for self respect of the Arunthathiyar community. This incident was unlike any other atrocity. The raw cruelty and the loss of life in the name of caste were unbearable for ATP. It was a turning point in their functions, as it reinforced the indispensability to the fight against the injustice and atrocities waged against the community. Even to date it reminds the divide and the evil that persists among society in the name of caste.

Caste pariyars dalit rape Arunthathiyar dalit women

Last month, a women belonging to arunthathiyar was raped by paraiyar community, in dindugal. The Raped person was backed by Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi District secretary Arasu Few of dalit dominant community not allowing to give inner reservation to poor dalit-arunthathiyar in tamilnadu, recently one community (thirumavalavan-viduthalai chiruthaigal katchi MP) leader said: I am working fighting for poor dalits- he came to divide the dalit politics apart from his community, he didn't allow anyother poor dalits in his politics, (Thirumavalavan who is the first person against inner reservation long before in tamilnadu). Who fighter for arunthathiyar reservation? Never I can't agree this word, When krishnasamy (another on dominant dalit community politician of puthiya thamilagam MLA) went to fast against reservation at the time, why he didn't raise his voice? what is the reason behind that after two month came to gave the voice??????????? Why this dominant dalit leader are using Ambedkar Photo & not giving equality to poor dalit arunthathiyars????????? Its showing their community face! Community politics! Etc... (its applicable dominant two dalit leaders of tamilnadu=Thirumavalavan MP & Krishansamy MLA. In kovil patti, subaramaniyapuram area an arunthathiyar (scavenging caste) girl aged 10 was raped by a non Arunthathiyar but dalit (pallar) community

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