Friday, April 2, 2010

Brahminisim rule of CIEFL ended as a result of EFL-University

There had been letters and pamphlet distributed in and out of the EFL-University campus. The last mail EFL-U “Morya busted” was shamelessly written. In a democratic setup people have the rights to express their feelings but still they must not use an offensive language to prove their points (I don’t know what point the sender makes). For sure the letter was “well written” and it must be a person who has“good” academics and cultural capital in him. But surprisingly the “academics” which the person possesses is vulgar enough to prove his nature. In the letter FLU-MORIA - BUSTED
I have many problems, first and for mostly the person (Mohan Ramesh , and sure Mohan Ramesh is a fictional character in Brahminism) thinks that he had demonized Prof. Abhai Maurya for various reasons (actually he demonized the University) and still he did not reveal who he is. People may think that revealing a person’s identity is not important, but still to clarify even in the court he/she is asked his identity.
To my surprise most of the Mail ID’s (such as ,, etc) may be taken from one of the recent mails of mine. Therefore people do think that I have a role in it. Hence, I would request the person whomever has stolen should realize that he has stolen the mail ID’s from me, without my notice. And what ethics first of all does this person has to talk of another person. To my surprise the mail was actually sent to two person those mail ID’s are,, (These two mail ID’s are not in my mailing list) the rest were sent to people under Cc: (Carbon Copy), (many of the mail ID’s in the Cc; are in my mailing list). I request the sender not to do this in future or mention who he is therefore there will not be any misunderstanding.
Why I have a problem?
I feel humiliated when people think that I have a role in it. It is not that I am in favour of VC, but the points the mail makes are ridiculous, and baseless etc. therefore for such a letter I will never associate anytime in my life. And I am against any anti-campaign against this University. For every once notice I have been in the forefront in various issues. Even recently against one of the departments at EFLU. But we were not against any individuals, but the whole system (where every faculty, Non-Teaching) has a role in it. Because it is not an individual runs the show it is the full administration that involves in it. I would cut short and come to the point of my understanding on this administration (not VC).
These are some of the points the anti-campaign should know.
This is the first central university to fill the SC/ST backlog posts.
This is one of the central University that implements OBC’s full reservation and implementing the other SC/ST’s reservation in admission and in all places wherever the reservation policy has to be implemented.
Students medical facility
So many students of EFLU have used the medical facility (i.e, if they are ill they can visit a private hospital and the bills would be met by the administration) available for the students. Though the university is in the city, still university vehicles are used to take the students to the hospitals in emergency.
Hostels/ accommodation
This is the only university to provide accommodation for all students (irrespective of region class or Caste).
Long pending
Foreign students:
As soon as a foreign student submits his PhD thesis, he has to wait till his results comes (Earlier this would be some 7 to 8 months). But in this administration they are give the result in 1 to 2 months.
So many students have benefited by getting loan from the administration. Most of the loan were given against getting a laptop, there were loan’s given for students meet their parents medical service.
This is the only Central University to offer a highest wage for the Contractual labourer. The administration is always towards the contractual labourers.
In this administration even the person of the highest rank is available for the students.
Students are encouraged to teach and earn money (some students even earn 20,000).
Most of the undergraduate students are from the economically poor background. Hence the administration gives free education not on CASTE but by class. Like this 90% of the students are benefiting from this programme. This is the only kind in India too.
Though the university does not have a ground, still the sports and the cultural activities are encouraged in the campus.
Apart from all this, every subalterns are happy and have self-respect in this campus. And it is only because of the Administration. To conclude this is the Best administration for middle and lower Class, Dalits and Tribals can ever have in this so-called Democracy.
Nevertheless, I would like to maintain that these actions from the administration is a result of the various students’, faculties’ and non-teaching staffs’ interventions; but still, in India which so-Called Central University does give a space to object their policy? Even the JNU campus did not follow the reservation and the Delhi University is not an exception for the same.
It is understandable in this so-called Indian “democracy” that there are no minister who entertains anyone who encourages Dalits/Tribals, lower and middle class to come up in life, and any government for the same.

The “moria-busted” byline was “CIEFL-walas against the disease – flu – called moria” ; the byline for my entry is “CIEFL-walas against the disease-Brahminisim”

Jai Bhim

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