Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Great EFLUniversity, Hyderabad. Was never a good place for academics

The campus is a vibrant place for politics. If anyone wants to do politics, then the best place to learn is in this campus. Certainly the University is ‘best’ in academics too. There are some or a handful of students who clear JRF exam, there are students who go abroad for their PhD and there are various people working in different corporate sectors as Managing directors, editors. But these people are not from the SC/ST. Then what is the point in saying that the university is good for academics. A best academics university is where majority of the SC/ST should be prepared to qualify in various fields.
All said above if anybody reads this and asks any faculty in our campus may be of any community he/she belongs, faculty would even immolate themselves to assert that the campus is good for academics and it is ‘Caste’ free and the University has been annihilated from Caste issues. And it was in the last two years the Caste ‘free’ campus campaign started and ended in 2010. As a result the Dalit students association will not be seen among students. Hence, students started writing about DABMSA (Dalit Adivasi Bhahujan and Minority Students Association). So DABMSA is a history. (these so-called faculties must be taught of what is Caste and how it functions in the educational institution). This university has around 36 dalit/adivasi faculties. They have been annihilated from the question of Caste and in the process of conversion into Brahmins.
Therefore at present in campus everyone, those who are not victims would assert and sing songs there is no Caste issues in Campus and Faculties would play the background music for this. Then they would theorize that everything is class and merit. However, as soon as they step out of the University gate immediately Caste operates for them. As a result of these above mention one tribal girl and an OBC boy etc have not been admitted in the Class. There are various other cases such but doesn’t come to public. Incase the victim talks to an association or anyone outside the campus to involve in the matter, these so-called people would theorize and keep this issue under the carpet. We should not forget that there are many students who do not have the courage to discuss Caste issue in campus because they feel they would be targeted by faculties, irrespective of caste the faculty belongs to. This is the failure of Dalit faculties/students, because there must be a place where these issues are discussed, which gives courage to the Dalits/Adivasi’s to discuss the matter in public. Even in the national scenario there were number of SC/ST atrocity cases filed after 1990s, thanks to various Dalit movement which gave the courage and backed the victims.
And it is sure that if SC/ST students are guided properly in their academic they would top in every field. But they are guided in political movements and activities.

Adding to above the campus life even for general students is in chaos now:
These below mention issue happened in less than two months
Past issues
Last week some ten students put a ladder and went into a room through the window and beat one person black and blue. And those people who beat them took the backing of faculties, the provost saw the student who was victim after two days, and I hope Provost has not given bouquet of flowers to the student to become ‘mahatma’ by not going to police station.
Students protested by locking the administration building a month before asking basic infrastructure in the Hostels.
Faculties went against them and protested by boycotting their classes, teaching students how to protest and they should not lock the administration. Later they demanded (but not know to whom) the administration to take action on students who protested. In the meanwhile the faculties did theorize the mode of protest reminding ‘Mahatma’ Gandhiji, etc. Thanks to them for not asking the students to take a ‘dhandi’ yatra somewhere in their respective hostels.

Continuous issues:
Stones are pelted on Ladies hostel once or twice in a week and sometimes beer bottles over the Ladies hostel.(people who have doubt can talk to the security Guards) And repeated complains to the provost has made them to realize the potrail of police in Indian Cinema.
At present Non-teaching staffs are on protest asking for implementation of six pay commission rules, which suggests them that a person who worked for 10 years should get one promotion and if 30 years, 3 promotions. Therefore if a person has got one promotion in last four years and he/she has worked for 30 year. Then he/she would be given two more promotions or atleast the increment. Approximately there are 54 people would be benefiting from this rules. The order has been prepaid and signed by the Executive Committee, which is the higher authority in the Universtity, for implementation but it was not implemented therefore they are on protest. They took the support of the Temporary staffs also for the protest along with the students. By supporting the permanent staffs demand, the temporary staffs are not going to get anything from these permanent staffs. The sad side of the story is the immediate enemy for the temporary staff is the permanent staffs. These people are used as a use and throw paper in the issues. Certain things are not clear on their agenda but still I support because in which protest everything was clear. Whatsoever atleast this protest may let the MHRD to appoint a VC at the earliest.

With these all above incident the academic life is nowhere in campus. Therefore, people who read this kindly pelt some stones on ‘Ministry of Human Resources ’, University Grant Commission or anyone for the matter, to send a vice chancellor for the University.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

India a Paradise for Tatas, Brilas and ambani etc and Hell for others

Once in five years we (Indians) are reminded by the Government of India that we are living in a world highest democracy. Rest of the period we are again reminded of a contradiction idea that we are living in one of the feudal society, where public opinions are created by the politicians and the worst part is the News Medias work as a mouth piece of the feudal government. The land we live in is a Paradise for the Tata’s, Ambani, and other business man, and it is a hell for the Dalits, Muslims, Adivasis and other subaltern groups.
Recently I happened to travel by one of the Meeru Cabs in Hyderabad, India. While interactive with the driver I came to know many shocking details of the life they live in. Meer cabs are available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Basically these cabs were introduced to operate to and fro the airport. Later this expanded to all walks of life, such as people use these cabs as Taxis too. The owner of the Meeru cab is Mr. Neeragi Gupta, ofcourse there are many owners depending upon their shares on the cabs. In Delhi there are around 1,000/ cabs, Hyderabad 800/, Bangalore 1000/ and Mumbai 1,500/- these are the approximate cars I am quoting. By the way we should not forget that there are many companies operating cab services too.
Each cab is monitored by radio and satellite for almost 80 kilometers surroundings. Driver of the each cab is the temporary ‘owner’ of it, 24/7 the cab would be his. There is a computerized system in the car which would track the passengers destination and the cab near to the destination and send messages to it asking there is a pickup nearby interested please inform. The first person who chooses would be the luckly to get his food. Nothing is compulsion but he has to pay every day Rs.900/- to his office excluding to this he has to pay for the petrol and the remaining amount he earn is his. If he drives the cab for 18 hours a day he would be getting Rs. 1000/- or Rs.500/- for him. And the maintenance of the car is done by the office but any accident happens the owner would spend 50% and the Driver 50% of the expenses. Recently they have introduced a system like any person want to be a driver of a Cab should deposit Rs. 10,000/- as a security deposit. The Driver can take leave but he has to pay Rs. 900 as a rental. In case he take a leave for a week then he should write to the office and request them to provide a leave. The office would provide him leave by taking the car back from the driver and if the driver doesn’t return after a week, then he would be treated as a new comer by asking him to go for a medical test and attend the class for a week and then he would be provided a job there.
With the above information we can clearly understand the company is overlapping the rules of daily wages norms fixed by the Indian government or the working hours. There are no holidays for the Driver. The CPI, CITU claim they are working for the people and fighting for the rights of labour. Where have they gone. While saying this I just remember of Arunthathi Roy’s book “listening to Grass Hoppers” I quote from the book
“The era of Privatization and Structural Adjustment accelerated that process at a mind-numbing speed.”

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