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The Castist’s Anger on Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Statue: A small report of the politics behind the Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Statue.

Recently around 7 statues of Dr. Ambedkar were desegregated; one was defiled on 26 January 2012. The 63rd Republic day celebration, was observed as a Black day by Dalit community and also they host black flags in protest.
The first and many of the Statues were desegregated in Amalapuram. The incident has rocked the Andhra Pradesh with many districts calling for bandh and on 30 January 2011, all the political party except Congress has given a call for bandh. The revolutionary singer Baldeer Gaddar says the police should arrest and bring out the political conspiracy behind this incident. This post will give a brief view of exactly what was the reason behind the incident. Prof. Kancha Ilaiya says you break one Ambedkar statue many will come.
Congress Party
This is a new battle within the congress after the YSR demises. YSR belongs to Reddy community and Reddy’s were a strong vote bank for the congress. After his death many leaders were fighting for the Chief Minister post. Y.S.R’s Son Jagan was trying his best to use his father’s clout to become the Chief Minister. The congress opposed. Till YSR was alive the congress party in Andhra Pradesh was within his control. Therefore after his death many people came out openly lashing at YSR. Since the Congress at the centre wanted to control the Andhra Pradesh congress, they denied giving any chance to Jagan Chief Ministership, thinking he would maintain his fathers clout. rejected Jagan floated a separate Part YSR Jagan party, this party has many chances of removing the maximum vote of Reddy population in the State. Therefore the Congress thought of a new alliance with some other community, it is only Kaapu, which is 12% in the state. Chiranjeeve is from a kaapu caste and he floated a party and had a good number of Kaapu support. And Congress and Chiranjeeve decided to align, therefore the Congress high command in delhi negotiated and made the Chiranjeeve party to merge with congress while giving important portfolio within the state. Hence, many seats were shuffled, and Dalit community became a scapegoat to woo the upper caste. As a result of Congress paying more attention to the Kaapu community, Dalits, Kammas, and the Andhra, Telengana, Rayalseema region people also came out openly against the Congress high command.
Therefore many communities within Congress expressed unhappiness and came out openly against the Congress high command.  The press too reported.

Those reports are:

Some of the reports from the newspaper:
The proximity of APCC president Botsa Satyanarayana to Chiranjeevi, as both belong to Kapu community, too became a hot topic of debate.
Even as Azad was gearing up to meet the members of the coordination committee on the very first day on Saturday, Guntur MP Rayapati Sambasiva Rao became the first to drop a bombshell, expressing anguish over the shabby treatment being meted out to ‘Kammas’, the ruling community in the Telugu Desam Party.
“We have been fortifying the party for several decades. Ever since the TDP came into being, our support became even more crucial. But we feel dejected and let down as the party is not offering any positions to us in recognition of our services. We are a poorly relegated community,” he told reporters in the Secretariat.

Congmen flood Azad with requests, complaints:                 
..a large chunk of Congress leaders informed Azad about the sudden importance being extended to Kapu community leaders at the cost of sincere Congress workers from other sections of society.

Where one Congress MP from Andhra region directly held Azad responsible for the state of affairs in the party, another MP from Telangana region warned that the Congress will be wiped out if Telangana was not formed. Congress would be wiped out in Telengana.
All these opposition from the dominant caste or group, however when a Dalit MP from Amalapuram gave a statement many of the Ambedkar statues was desecrated.

Who is this Harsha Kumar?
Harsha Kumar, a Dalit leader, hails from Konaseema region where scheduled castes and the Kapus have bitter rivalry and cannot stand each others. Already Harsha Kumar who is from a Dalit community was opposed by YSR to contest lok sabha election. However, with his influence he got a ticket to context in his area Amalapuram. It is a general constitutency also in this particular region Kaapus and Malas (dalit community) always had a rival. Dalits in Amalapuram are the strongest votes to Congress. Therefore when Dalits were removed from important position and those were given to non-dalit community Harsha kumar opposed. It is also to be remembered that even Kamma’s another dominant group were against the Congress high command for wooing Kaapu community. Dalits say that they were voting for congress , and Kaapus who contested against the congress is now given more priority and dalits are looked down upon.

As a response to him, the Kaapus in that region broke Ambedkar’s statue. Dalits protested against the act but still more statues of Dr. Ambedkar was defiled. Few media act too add more to the insult, they said dalit icon Dr.Ambedkar. It was none other than Deccan Chronicle IBNLiveNDTV:   Daily pioneer:
many more like this and few addressed just his name without even giving respect: NDTV
etc. These mainstream English media never had any discussion on this matter. Which means they support the violence of the upper caste. In other words, these same media talks once in a week about Mayawathi statue, and say it is useless. And now these media’s are not talking about why the upper caste breaking the Dr. Baba Sahed B.R. Ambedkar’s statue. To put in black and white these media too do not want any dalit’s statue to be present therefore the media oppose the move in the name of ‘progressive’ and the upper caste in ground level break them.
Also adding to the point these media’s never ever had any discussion on Caste discrimination, rather they would always speak about anti-reservation and Mayawathi’s statue.Though every one knew, even few politicians and the press(not the Hindu), spoke about the caste tension between Kaapus and Malas. The police did not take any action. After the Dalits across the state protested, the police caught hold of three Dalits and blamed them as responsible. And also told they did it while they were drunk. It is so surprising that till before Harsha kumar spoke no drunkards ever broke, as soon as Harsha kumar spoke about the Kaapus, these drunkards broke. When few of the political leaders and Osmania University representation met Home ministry and told about the arrest, as a reply the Home minister laughed.
Mr. Krishank   says those three were from Scavenging community. Also he says that from the Ralegan siddhi to Amalapuram there is a big conspiracy against Dalits, Adivasi, Muslim, OBC.
Though all the political movement expect Congress called for a bandh, the mainstream media said dalits have called the bandh. Which was another insult and humiliation to the dalit movement. Where the media’s never allow Dalits, Adivasi, Muslim and OBC’s to come under one platform. The bandh had a big impact, though the media said everything went normal. On the day of Bandh few national English media approached approached OU Sc/St President Mr. Kumarasamy , hoping there would have been some violence, but they did not hear anything in the campus. Hence they did not publish the report.A popular English media which fools dalits often saying they are progressive, published a news Claiming An OU student, Krishank, later called up and informed media persons that he was responsible for the incident. When I enquired Krishank said he never called the media or they called him. Mr. Kumarasamy also feels that all political parties are just giving statements and doing nothing. 

 Today i was speaking to a person from police department, I asked about the ambedkar statue desecration in Amalapuram. He said in those districts if a police officer has to be posted, the respective officer should assure that he will not allow anyone to file any case under the SC/ST atrocity act.

More about Krishank click Postnoon

Ambedkar Statue Desecreation: Response from various leaders

Talks about the bandh called in AP its responses. And also opposses the hindu and indian express for giving wrong statement about him.

"The National english media came to him and asked thinking there would have been some violence, the media asked did you or your friend break something, when he replied no, they felt dejected." This is how the national media responds to dalits.

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