Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something always surprises me

The name Hitler reflects various things in our imagination, one of those images is that a gruesome dictator ruthlessly killed jews. as a result we decide upon saying that Hitler is an example of how a leader should not be, and how a ruler should not treated his own people?. These all led from his gruesome approach during his rule. yes, its all true.
But i wonder during his whole regime there where people who complained to the Pope(who was closely associated with Germany) about his activities, were the Pope turned to be a mere spectators. And during the world war second there were countries allies with Germany, which means that they too accepted him, it is the fact that all the developing nation during that period of time knew his way of approach. Apart from this, His gruesome behavior came to light after his defeat in the world war. Before this there were no alarm raised by any country or people against his behaviors. Hitler was not an superman to lead all his crimes under every ones eyes. Therefore he was not a individual to be blamed as "Hitler", rather the whole world especially the near observers where to be blamed, May be the Americans and the Pope of Rome. First before reading this further, let us ask a question why there were no anymore "Hitlers" after Germany's defeat. Hence, what is the qualification to make or compare with the German dictator. Is that the numbers were out numbered in his genocide killing.

What so ever I see many Hitlers across the world alive. Let us see some of the recent incidents below for consideration.

What Happened in the final face of the Sri Lankan war, thousands of civilians were butchered, murdered and raped. Even some Human rights organization says it is a recent Genocide. Was this activities carried alone by Sri Lanka an individual state. The answer is no. Can we call every one involved even by supporting the activities as Hitlers. Then can we call the rulers of the following states as Hitler, India, China, Pakistan, Cuba, Russia, Israel and other countries.
Doesn't the above nations be called as a ruthless government towards civilian population and it is the new approach adopted in the present century to be Hitler is a sophisticated manner(by calling they are democratically elected government)

The Indian Government in the name of eradicating Naxalites they are massacring, and raping innocent Tribal population in States. Further the Indian government in the name of security measures doing the same for decades together in Kashimir and north east. And every politicians and Indian citizines are aware of this.
doesn't the above act of the Indian government qualify to be one of those Hitler regime of the 21st century. In my opinion it is.

What Happened in GAZA, what is happening to the whole Muslim nations and population accross the world.

Given the above atmosphere there are many Hitlers across the world. AND sometimes we ourselves turn to be Hitler.
These facts surprises me but not anylonger.

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kaatib said...

the very fact of the continued reference to Hitler as the ultimate evil man has produced is I think a part of the mystification of Hitler. because secretly all our rulers, and may be each one of us in our intimate moments, have so much fascination for him that we yearn to be him.

which is also one of the reasons I liked "Der Untergang", because it is such a demystified human representation of Hitler.

also, one of the things people forget in our world is that Hitler was the supreme advocate of capitalism, in fact he is the product of capitalism in its most effective avatar. which is why each time there is a depression, we can only fight it with a war.

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