Thursday, February 4, 2010


do any one recognize her? once she was a participant in the Russian department. She was the first girl from her Taluk to reach this premier institute. During her tenth standard she scoured the highest mark in her school. She hails from the scavenging background, her mother and father committed suicide at her early age. She is the third child for her parents, one sister and one brother. Her expenses was met by her grandmother alone by collecting equlaptus leaves in forest. with the less income she could reach till 12th standard on 1998. After these many years she comes to our university under merit. She expelled in her studies even here. Before joining this University she was working as a home-maid for 3 houses for RS. 500 each, Per month. She was happy to study in this university. But still her family situation droved her back and sent her to the same old job.
Like this there are many students who leave everything in their back home and come here with lot of hope. But what really happens is tragic. We all may think that it is a sad story to write here. We all can say that we could do nothing in her situation, but another question we should ask ourselves is at least those students who are studying in this campus should get a good future. Do they really get good education (B.A) is the question? most of the students are getting 'E', 'c' and 'D', which would be like 35% of mark. The SC/ST/OBC are the majority in getting failed. What can they do with this degree? The recent incident was also related to this. Every teacher knew that these students are scoring very less marks and they cannot have a bright future. This issue blew because of failure. But, what have they done is the question we have to ask?
Recently Teachers call a meeting in request of some faculties for discussing about a particular teachers problem. The same faculties did not call a single meeting to discuss, why did one of our students tried to attempt suicide?. If this question was raised long back then there is no need for students to raise this issue after 20 days. And we should understand that this is the 3 semester they have taken. Therefore, teachers are aware of the results awarded to students. Many of the students who were active were also silenced.
Let us hope that one day the teachers will wakeup for a students cause.

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