Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is Tamil about Anti-Hindi?

For a long time the question of Tamil Nationalism has been hammering my thought. It resulted in change of my behavior too, such as being proud “Tamilian”. But, never again.
Revisiting the history of Tamil nationalism I have revised my stand.
The first explosion of the movement surfaced as the Anti-Hindi movement. Was this movement against Hindi (as we think), or was it against the Brahmin population? It was against the Brahmin population, who dominated the power in Center and the State. Therefore the Anti-Hindi movement can also be reassessed as anti-Brahmin movement. People who opposed Hindi were fighting for Dravidian land, which includes present Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. In these different states the dominant Caste didn’t want to come under unified Dravidian tag, because they wanted their own power in their own language speaking states. As a result they did not support Dravidian slogan, and withdrew from it. Therefore the Dravidian slogan became a flop. But the upper Caste based in Tamil Nadu wanted to control the power, feeding on the popular sentiments. Many option were there to choose, Religion, Caste, Class, and language. Expect Language each other options can be divided in it. Language was the only option to bring masses under a tag to acquire their dominance. Therefore they shifted their slogan from Dravidian to Tamil nation, a nation for those who speaks Tamil, not for those who are basically “Tamilian”.
As a result, Tamil Nadu could have many Non-natives as Chief Ministers, without marring its Tamil nation ideology.
Tamil Nadu is the only South Indian state to have had Chief Ministers of different nativitiy. MGR, Jayalalitha, Karunanidhi, Annadurai, and Ms. Janaki Ramachandran.
There are even many non-“Tamilians” in Tamil Nadu who are respected and encouraged. Such as A.R. Rahman, Rajini Kanth, Vijaya Kanth, Ajith, Periyar, etc.
People who can speak in English can survive in cities of Tamil Nadu. But in the case of Delhi without knowing Hindi you would be literally having a night mare.
During the Sri Lankan war, the Tamilian who protested did not come on to the roads just for supporting Tamil Eelam. They all had different stories. Most of the people who protested knew what the Indian Government and the Sri Lankan government would do to the marginalized population.
But still Tamil Nationalism is seen as a patriotic movement in Tamil Nadu. Mostly the movement is spearheaded by SC/ST population. It is a result of the Dravidian movement who say they are fighting for Caste annihilation. Therefore they abandon speaking Caste in the movement. Even across India the mainstream does not encourage to speak an issue on Caste lines. Hence, the only tag which could unite a larger population in region is the common language they speak. Most of the leaders of the movement do understand this. The leaders never gave a chance for the masses to understand these facts.
I would like to ask a simple question for the masses, who are spear heading the movement. For which Tamil speaking population are they spearheading the movement, Upper Caste or lower Caste or Dalits? If the target is their lower Caste and Dalits, then let it be a lower caste or Dalit movement rather than the linguistics nationalism.
If we have to have good governance then we should get rid of Congress and the BJP in the Centre and Karunanidhi’s and Jayalalitha’s clutches in Tamil Nadu. Even if the People of Tamil Nadu can come out of the Sun and the Kalaignar TV’s clutches, that would be great

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Why Tamil will die in Tamil Nadu said...

Dravidian movement was not a Tamil movement. It was founded by Telugus and is still run by Telugus.

Attacks on Dalits are carried out by these Telugu gangs. Kidnapping of fisherman in Rameswaram recently was also carried out by these Telugu gangs.

The Telugu Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was never against Hindi. He was against Tamil language and Tamil people only. He used to call Tamil speaking Brahmins as "non-Tamils" but called Hindi-speaking Muslims as Tamils.

He was never proud of his Tamil identity, but only Dravidian identity.

Telugu Chief Minister Karunanidhi wants to slowly ban Tamil from Tamil Nadu and replace with Hindi language, a language which has no cultural bearing with Indian history, introduced through murder, force and imposition.

Tamil language has been banned in Tamil Nadu in the following places - Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Chennai Petroleum Corporation, Central Leather Institute, Indian Overseas Bank, and several other "central institutions" operating in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil language faces discrimination and insults in CBSE schools where Hindi is compulsory and taking Tamil means low marks through harsh corrections. Tamil speakers have to suffer through Lower Hindi whereas Hindian can "sail through" Sanksrit.

Unlike Maharashtra state, where the Marathi language pride has made CBSE schools close unless they teach Marathi, in Tamil Nadu the Telugu dominated DMK (TMK?) party has closed down Tamil schools and given land grants to Hindi-imposing Tamil-insulting CBSE schools.

Telugu Chief Minister Karunanidhi has ensured Hindi speaking castes getting reserved in Tamil Nadu. Muslim are a large percentage and many of them are complete anti-Tamil, yet claim reservation as "Tamils" under OBC and other quota.

Telugu Chief Minister Karunanidhi has given lakhs of ration cards and fake nativity certificates for outside migrants who are Hindi-speaking.

The Telugu "chameleon" Ramadoss has demand splitting upon of Unified State of Tamil Nadu into pieces each with a Telugu-speaking chief minister the same way as other Telugus are splitting Andhra.

The DMK(=TMK) party absolute goal is to replace Tamil people in Tamil Nadu with Hindi and Telugu speaking people with reservations for those people, slow elimination of Tamil, discouraging students from taking Tamil through pushing more and more Hindi-imposing CBSE schools and banning Tamil in TN based central insitutions.

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