Tuesday, August 3, 2010

‘Proud' Dalits math’- Politics of inclusion and 'exclusion'

I am writing this in a motive not to ask to Stop ‘Caste’ politics. Rather stop Sub-Caste politics. Recently I understood that every sub-caste(within it) is proud of their being and do not wanted to share any common idea among them.
Sub-Caste virus
In Tamil Nadu there are three major Dalit Castes, Pariyar, Pallar, Arunthathiyars. Within these three Castes there are number of Sub-Castes. These three Caste groups can never come under one single platform on political context even on social. Not only that these three groups are socially different too. Pallars and Pariyars do discriminate Arunthathiyars for being associated with the scavengers job (It is a Caste profession). Such kind of bias can be found in many Indian States. In Andhra Pradesh Malas, Madigas, Rellis (including Mehtars, Pakis). Malas and Madigas have a strong enimity and Relli population is marginalized. Last but not the least Maharastra, the state where Dr. Ambedkar was born has also the same enmity within the Dalits as Mahars and Mangs, where these both communities discriminate the Bhangis population. These Caste politics doest stop between these groups, it goes ahead that even among the scavenging community. In Tamil Nadu Context, the Arunthathiyars who do jobs other than scavenging tries to disassociate with scavenging people. Within Arunthathiyars too there are differences, such as they have two major groups .1. Avva 2 Amma these two groups think they are superiors. Such kind of chauvinism prevails in each Dalit communities, Pariyars, Pallars, Arunthahtiyars, Mahars, Mangs, Chamars, Mala, Madiga etc. Overall, every Dalit Caste thinks itself ‘superior’ than the fellow Dalits. When So many differences are there within the community why do people generalize “Dalit” word, esp
Virus among Dalit Castes
There are Dalit Castes which are politically mobilized and education wise forward compared to the other (Scavengers Caste, esp.) Castes. Since there is a strong bias within the Dalit Caste each Caste are only bothered about their own being. They not only isolate but waiting for chance to pull them down.
As a result surprisingly, the inner-Reservation (Categorization of Dalits) movement was spearheaded by two major parties in Tamil Nadu one is the scavenging castes movement (aathi Thamilar Peravai) and the other is the CPI party and Pariyars and Pallars were opposing constantly. Even in the Case of Andhra Pradesh, the inner Reservation (which would have benefited Madigas, Rellis, mehtars, pakis) was stopped by the Mala community.
Even Mahars and Mangs will never accept inner-reservation, which would benefit Bhangi population (Scavenging community).

When I am saying to stop Sub-Caste politics I mean apart from asserting their sub-Caste, they should even voice for other Dalit communities which are not politically mobilized and consider them as one of the fellow being or Dalits’ (at the same time never become the mouth peace for these people). This problem still prevails for many reasons, two very important reasons are the ‘educated’ Dalits who for their life time use Reservation policy and forget to even identify publicly that they belong to this community, political leaders are not exceptions for the same.
Second. Educated Dalits getting boozed up with the ‘Brahminical’ ideas such as meritocracy. Therefore this Proud ‘Dalits’(educated Dalits) are one of the main reasons for the failure of Dalit movement. The mail group ‘Sakya’ which only talk of Pariyar Kalai vila is a good example.
Dr. Ambedkar saw Dalits as a uniform category suffering by the Caste system. He wanted to eradicate the social system. But So-Called Dalit intellectuals, academicians, activists, political leaders, who speak on Dr.Ambedkar for thousand times never ever considered all Dalits are marginalized rather they think their particular Caste is marginalized and they wanted to become ‘Brahmins’. Therefore their idea is not to eradicate Caste system but to be equal to Brahmins. Or else to they hold the structure to enjoy Government policies, and end up in being a Proud Dalits.

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