Monday, August 16, 2010


Recently students went for a protest asking the administration to create a new mess to accommodate students, because the present Mess cannot accommodate all students. But still students were accommodating with the existing messes; as a result many students couldn’t go to class on time. Sometimes they happen to skip some classes. This academic year started on 2nd of August 2010 the protest happened on 13th of August 2010. There was 3 months vacation, where the administration should have speculated such issues, but they didn't as usual blaming each other. In between 2nd and 13th of this month students complained to the higher authority and the concerned administration. One day they even staged a mock protest by eating in the Administrative lounge. There was no much response from the administration. Frustrated students called a GB and decided to go for a protest. While doing protest they have locked the administration, some people were in the administration. The protest started at 7.00 am and they locked the administration building at 12.30 P.M. At 11.00 AM students went to the staffs working in the administration and explained their plight they are living and requested them to support them by getting out of the administration, many left and some held in the building. Those who stayed were in the building while the building was locked. But still many people were let out of the building. Since the pressure was mounting the concerned administrative faculties gave a written assurance that everything would be in normal at the earliest and will make sure the VC would address the students on or before 17th of August and the deadline is tomorrow.
Faculties had called for a meeting today and wanted to protest on two issues, the first is supporting the students demand and second condemning student’s activities. It is obvious that we all should be proud to have such faculties in our university for supporting students cause and explaining us that we should not protest in that manner (locking up). It is certain that even if faculties are calling for discussion we would have not listened. Therefore Faculites protesting is the right way, where students will also understand that ‘un’democratic protest will not be entertained. I too strongly feel the way they protested might be wrong in various angle, still it could be justified in different angle. Hope faculties would give equal importance to both of their support, because supporting students demand should not be an eye wash. and the faculties should ask the VC to address the students or else faculties should join the students protest. But i doubt such a miracle will happen. Such a thing never has happened in our University earlier. Even in cases where some students are sitting for a dharna how many staffs in this university will come and support openly for the students as their doing it now. In this University there are around 5 associations, how many times they have come forward to support our issues, or anyother issues which are not related to them as the issue taken up by them now. There are so many temporary employees who face so many problems from the administration now and then, which association will come forward and fight for them. None, but suddenly one association is coming forward to support, do we have to believe this day light drama. The administration (all staffs) are fully responsible for introducing many courses without any basic infrastructure. And it the students who always bear their blunders. Last year students were living on the swingpool, how many faculties came forward to fight against the administration. None have done so far. Don’t forget that many faculties are part of the so-called administration. Let us forget all issues, when I first came to campus ‘D’ grade was considered as useless, but now how many students have got and what is their future, did anytime any meeting of faculties was called to talk on students future atleast on education level, never. The UGC has said NET as a compulsory subject for getting Asst-professor, how many of our students have cleared NET in Various fields. Many students are sent to this campus with many hopes in the back home. But how much have they learned in this campus in academics very little.
Therefore, the only request is let the faculties once at least protest for the student’s future in a genuine manner. I hope the teachers will not set a wrong example by protesting during the working hours. There are many faculties who are motivating the students in their education and this writing is surely not for them. At the same time there are faculties dividing students, why don’t the fellow faculties protest on this issue.
I strong feel people throwing stones in Kashmiri valley has a history, if they don’t throw the stones, the ‘democractic’ Centre will not respond, after throwing the stones they are calling for dialogue. If maoist haven’t taken arms against the State, the tribals would have not gotten so much public space for discussion. There are so many such instances, and even now teachers are protesting on working hours isn’t it undemocratic. I end this saying"
"It may be your interest to be our masters, but how can it be ours to be your slaves?"- Thucydides

Students should not get diverted by these protests, they should plan ahead over the 17th August given deadline. Till now nothing has happened, therefore students should concentrate on getting their demands right away.

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