Sunday, December 18, 2011

Live Channel to Start

I am frustrated seeing news on the national Medias. And certainly the regional medias too. The recent media which I liked to watch was the but suddenly I saw them broadcasting live Hazare’s speech from Chennai. Every one would appreciate for giving live broadcast. The problem is they don’t give live broadcast even for the Kudankulam protest. Many people would say since it is a long protest for days together, it is not possible to broadcast. Basically no Media is interested in real issues therefore whatever it is they will never broadcast. My point is why cant they at least give live coverage when they speak on stage. There were various political and activities giving speeches there, why cant these corporate media broadcast those speeches live.
Saying above I am also sad that every time it is the ruling class exploits the scientific innovation or new technology. See for example, when the mobile or the internet became access many of the ruling elite started exploiting, such as sending sms to mobile phones. Certainly Hazare and his ruthless ‘Nazis’ used the technique and now the government has bought the regulation towards the same. Same with facebook and other internet browsing, soon or later they are going to bring regulations. Therefore I would rather say let us also exploit the internet, before the government brings rules and regulations.
We can start a news TV channel by ourselves, instead of depending upon these pseudo corporate media mafia, working for the interest of the 1% of the billionaire in India. The PM, CM all depend upon these billionaire for their political mileage. Many people might think that starting a news channel would cost a huge amount. But actually we can start with just 10 to 20 thousand rupee.
We know that we have 24/7 news channels, but if you understand it clearly majority of their programme would be filmed and then broadcasted. Only some live coverage we could see. And most us do not see the News 24/7, we choose programme and then fix the time for viewing. Everyone would choose the evening or the morning news. Therefore we should understand that the news channels broadcasts only one hour, which is watched by most. In addition to this there are programmes were we can see the debates etc.
In the above case, since we have movements working on the field, our duty is only to co-ordinate works with them and get footages and upload in one single website. Or gather the news from all the movement and present it as a news. We can organize debates in colleges and put those footages on the web. This is also followed by the Democracy now channel, if I am not wrong. This channel is only online. Remember, almost every news channels are online and they also give advertisement, which means there are many viewers. Anybody is interested please do start.

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