Monday, December 3, 2012

Caste pariyars dalit rape Arunthathiyar dalit women

Last month, a women belonging to arunthathiyar was raped by paraiyar community, in dindugal. The Raped person was backed by Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi District secretary Arasu Few of dalit dominant community not allowing to give inner reservation to poor dalit-arunthathiyar in tamilnadu, recently one community (thirumavalavan-viduthalai chiruthaigal katchi MP) leader said: I am working fighting for poor dalits- he came to divide the dalit politics apart from his community, he didn't allow anyother poor dalits in his politics, (Thirumavalavan who is the first person against inner reservation long before in tamilnadu). Who fighter for arunthathiyar reservation? Never I can't agree this word, When krishnasamy (another on dominant dalit community politician of puthiya thamilagam MLA) went to fast against reservation at the time, why he didn't raise his voice? what is the reason behind that after two month came to gave the voice??????????? Why this dominant dalit leader are using Ambedkar Photo & not giving equality to poor dalit arunthathiyars????????? Its showing their community face! Community politics! Etc... (its applicable dominant two dalit leaders of tamilnadu=Thirumavalavan MP & Krishansamy MLA. In kovil patti, subaramaniyapuram area an arunthathiyar (scavenging caste) girl aged 10 was raped by a non Arunthathiyar but dalit (pallar) community

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