Saturday, February 26, 2011

What is important in Tamil Politics? Caste /Tamil nationalism/ideology/power

Though Tamil Politics has shown its real face many times this time too it would show its same face once again. In Last Lok saba election one of the major campaigns was on to stop the War on Tamil People in Sri Lanka. Basically the campaign was to talk on the lines of ‘Tamils’.
The Campaign on Eelam war was taken by every political party. At least they enacted they would stop the war if they come to power. On the above issue many political parties do ‘support’ the eelam struggle, at least in every stage they have been speaking about the struggle for Tamils. In brief, Tamil Nadu has two major political parties, AIADMK and DMK. The two parties, AIADMK known for its anti-eelam struggle and DMK for pro-Eelam struggle. However in the last election Ms. Jayalalitha supported and campaigned for the cause of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Therefore it was a competition between these two parties in showing their support. At last nothing came out, apart from a huge cry from Tamils across the world by blaming the so-called political parties for not stopping war. Political parties supported because the war in Sri Lanka was on the final stage as a result Tamil Nadu witnessed mass protest across the state. Fearing the response given by the ‘general’ public AIADMK started supporting the Eelam struggle too. The main parties in Tamil Nadu who have been claiming that they would never let any Tamils in Srilanka down were also on the race. The major political parties on those lines are DMK, PMK, DPI, and MDMK. At least those are the few parties which were openly campaigning for the Tamil struggle. (to look back into history, MDMK supreme Vaiko once said on the stage that he supports LTTE and its struggle. For this statement he was put in Jail by Ms. Jayalalitha. Once Vaiko was released he went and had a alliance with AIADMK to contest elections.)
Since the DMK was on power then/now people thought the war on tamils will not happen. But it happened and the other major political parties took DMK down on this issue. However, DMK for the Lokshaba election it took DPI into alliance. Thol. Thiruma the founder of the Organization was the first person to make the eelam struggle as a big issue by going for a hunger strike. And also DMK now and then was enacting on political rallies that they are fighting to stop the eelam war. DPI leader gave a certificate for the same. Though it was a fake struggle by DMK, but as DPI joined the alliance, public was left with no one to choose because the rest of the political parties joined AIADMK. No one in Tamil Nadu would think that AIADMK would support Tamils struggle in Sri Lanka. It was a well planned strategy played by DMK to align with DPI and to create confusion within the general public. Now a ‘Hitler’ regime is in Sri Lanka and no one to question the caliber of the government. With all this twist a new party came called NTI by Seemaan. These all drama was happening under the screen of ‘Tamils’. As a result of this all dramatic movements we could understand one thing that none of the political parties are sincery in solving the Tamils problem in Sri Lanka. Tamil or people living in Tamil Nadu should also understand that Tibetians living in Delhi have refugee land with dignity but Tamil refugees living in Chennai are very bad in the status of living and also they live in security. And Tamil political parities have done very less for these people too.
May be I think parties are supporting Eeelam struggle to funds from Sri Lankan tamils living in abroad. Therefore ‘tamil’ culture/etc are all fake in Tamil Nadu politics. What is important in Tamil politics? Let us look the assembly polls.

Coming to the Assembly polls AIADMK is aligning with MDMK and NTI. Those parties joining AIADMK should justify what made them to think again that Ms. Jayalalitha would support the Tamils struggle. Or how their movement which speaks of ant-Brahmin ideology can align with AIADMK , which supports BJP. Paties such should stop using “Periyar” on their posters. AIADMK was the party which supported the ban on cow slaughters and stopping religious conversion. This idea is basically against the ideology of Periyar. Therefore Tamil Political parties don’t have ideologies too.
For the Assembly polls the parties have started campaigning against the ruling DMK government on 2G scam. AIADMK and co-alliance are in full swing.
For the coming Assembly election Ms. Jayalalitha is fully targeting DMK in relation to the money scandal. AIADMK supreme is questioning the SCAM of spectrum but not the Godhara issue or the BJP in relation to the RSS functioning as a terrorist body. And for this the CPIM is not an exception. They too are aligning with AIADMK.
Language or the Culture does not matter in Tamil Nadu political parties. Only matter is Caste politics. Every political parties has its Caste based votes, these votes are not based on ideology or Tamil Nationalism. Only matter is Caste. These Caste based politics can align on the bases of power. Any thing can be compromised for the same. This trend is not restricted to Tamil Nadu politics but across India.


Peggy said...

Thanks, Ravi. I have learned a lot by reading what you write. Please go into more detail by showing which castes are included in Tamilnadu politics, and which are left out. I can guess that high non-brahman castes are in and dalits, including tribals, are out. But I am not well educated on this matter. Specific illustrative events, showing how Dalits are left out of Tamildom, would help very much.

Anonymous said...

it was a very informative and educative piece. Thanks.

a little bit of copy-editing would be really helpful in enabling a better readability, in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

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thara thara said...

Great, very informative and educative post .Thanks Tamilnadu State Politics News Today

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